CRM Software Audit

There is no better option than a CRM Audit to evaluate the effectiveness of the implied CRM Software in your business and to check whether there are any gaps left in the process.

Defining CRM Audit

What Is A CRM Software Audit?

CRM Software Audit is the process of reviewing the software’s performance and to identify whether the data contained in the software is accurate as per the business requirements. There are more than one type of audits which can provide results having different scope and depth of the information.

Data Audit

This audit contains checking the accuracy of data saved in the CRM software. It can also be used to assess the data quality over time by comparing the present data with the quality and accuracy of data after some time to identify the decay rate.

Usage Audit

This audit is mainly to keep a check of sales performance and how often the sales team is making use of the CRM software. This is to ensure that the software is being optimum utilised.

Fit-for-purpose Audit

With various features and options in the CRM Software, its uses also vary from business to business. Therefore, a fit-for-purpose audit checks whether the current features of the CRM software are meeting the business requirements or not.

Effectiveness Measure Audit

The most important reason to do a CRM Audit is to draw conclusions and evaluate the performance of CRM Software. This also helps in identifying whether it is fulfilling the purpose of CRM implementation or not.


CRM Software Audit Techniques

It is not necessary to use over the top methods in order to audit the CRM software. The traditional and cost effective techniques can also be used to come to a conclusion and assess the performance.



By questioning the employees and professionals including the CRM manager, sales manager, IT manager, sales representative, customer service operators and others who are directly involved with the CRM software, the relationship between company and customers can be evaluated.



This technique of shadowing someone might seem uncomfortable or even unethical at times but it provides an illustrative report. With the right understanding and cooperation, this can prove to be one of the quickest techniques of auditing CRM.


Monitoring Quality

Monitoring quality is a process that takes place with the help of call centre supervisors by tracking the live conversations and performance through the CRM software. The operators stay unaware of this which makes it a powerful auditing tool.


Assessing Satisfaction Rate

Assessing customer satisfaction is an important process to understand the result output and the reasons behind it so that it can be improved. In case there are no survey reports, then you can randomly ask a few customers to answer some questions related to the product/service.


Playing Customer’s Role

Pretending to be a customer and receiving the service can help in getting the first hand experience of the services provided. This helps in understanding the process from depth.


Reviewing Documentation

Lastly, assessing the CRM operations through the logs and statistics can also be seen as a great method of software auditing process. It can help in analysing troubleshooting, customer rating and call centre statistics.


CRM Software Audit’s Objectives

The projects surrounding the CRM are processed and controlled through the management of the software, which comes through the CRM audit.
The objectives of controlling these projects are:
  • Establishing a defined development of the systems and understanding its life cycle
  • Planning project and reportng the controls
  • Controlling the project finances including budgeting and forecasting
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Advantages Of CRM Software Audit

After understanding the CRM auditing process, its types and objectives, let us move to the advantages you can have by choosing CRM Master.

Data Assessment

With the auditing process, the previous and current data get compared to provide data assessment reports and checking the gaps.


The performance review can be generated to check the performance of the CRM software.

Reporting Requirements

According to the review, requirements for the current and future processes and projects can be reported.


Also, to provide better output, the experts can provide recommendations to enhance the software quality.

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